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Trade Mate Software Integrated stock Management in Vouchers. Item wise, Manufacturer wise, Category wise and sub category stock categorization. Serial Number and Batch Code tracking of products. Multiple level user security with User activity monitors to view the activity of each user. User Administration to set permissions for Viewing, Modification, Deletion and Creation for Specific user. Password protection for each user. Automatic Backup feature for data security,Pole display, Weighing machine, Cash drawer, Bar Code Scanner, Bar Code Printer and Touch Screen POS (Point of Sale Machines) integration available.
Instant Master creation, Category and sub category, sub account groups, etc. Group deletion of masters and transactions, Barcode Manager, SMS integration, Analysis Reports, Outstanding reports, GST statements and Return Forms. Instant view of outstanding amounts & Ledgers of customers and suppliers.
Touch- Real-time Android mobile application, which comprises Sales order taking, Cash Collection, Multiple price list

Our Features


  1. Sales
  2. Quotation
  3. Purchase
  4. Purchase Return
  5. Order Processing
  6. Receipt Note
  7. Delivery Note
  8. Sales – Retail
  9. Sales – Wholesale
  10. Receipt&Payment
  11. Physical Stock
  12. GST-VAT Filling Reports
  13. Ledger Statement
  14. Balance Sheet
  15. Counterwise Opening sales
  16. StockAdjustment
  17. Service Receipt
  18. Accounts – Full
  19. Enquiry
  20. Sales return PurchaseReturn
  21. Re-Packing
  22. Multiple Voucher Creation
  23. BarCode in invoice
  24. QR Code In Invoice
  25. Cash Book
  26. Trial Balance
  27. MIS Reports
  28. Counterwise Closing sales
  29. Inventory
  30. Print Copies (with duplicate triplicate tags)
  31. GST-VAT Billing Forms Wholesale & Retail Billing Available.
  32. Single Bar Code Printing
  33. Enhanced Bar Code printing window
  34. Bar Code Printing for opening stock,Receipt Note and Repacking
  35. Agent commission
  36. Auto & Manual Round off
  37. Unit conversion with separate pricing for each unit
  38. Multiple pricing
  39. Customer Card(for point calculatuion)
  40. Bank Book
  41. Profit & Loss Accounts
  42. Packing
  43. Bar Code options

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Live Credit Limit Management

In Trade mate ERP Software, there is a very beneficial option "Live Credit Limit's". With the help of this Credit Limit Management option, the users can set the credit limit for their customers.


Bill Audit Dispatch Management

Bill Audit feature leaves no room for mistakes & errors throughout the process from bill generation to delivery.


Notifications & Alert System

Notification and Alert System allows getting instant custom alerts through e-mail or SMS. The system allows to keep the team/ business updated about inventory and transactions.


Stock Clearance Management

Trade ERP Software has developed an option "Stock Clearance" through which the user can set some items which are required to be sold out as soon as possible from the stock.


Offer & Scheme Management

Trade mate ERP is integrated with some brilliant business boosters like sms integration, email facilities

POS software

A Smart GST-ready inventory & accounting software that helps you keep a control on your store with smart billing, reporting and inventory management features.  Helps you never overstore or go out of stock. Barcode, Touch Screen, Smart purchase,  Discount & schemes & 1000's of other features helps you grow your profits & scale.


Bar code

Mobile Printer