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ORBIT IT SOLUTIONS is a Global Consulting and Information Technology Services Corporation based in Kottayam, Kerala, India. ORBIT is specialized in custom software development, web design, Internet /Intranet applications, ERP Solutions and consulting services. The company has potential and experience in development of complex solutions for its customers - implementation of concepts for data security, corporate and virtual private networks, databases and software development. We are committed to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to our clients worldwide. Our extensive experience in software development and consulting has established us as one of the premier companies with on-site, off-site and off-shore capabilities that leverage our world class Global Delivery Methodology. We maintain a "state of the art" technical infrastructure to gain advantage and remain as a leading innovative IT source and solutions provider.

Our Features


  • Touch Screen or Mouse based KOT and Billing Operations

  • Remote KOT / BOT printing.

  • User defined Menu and Modifier with Today's Special

  • Useful Reservation Management features like Quick Reservation Status – Arrived, Seated, Ordered, etc.

  • Useful Table Management features like Live View of Allocated Tables.

  • Useful Customer Management features like Live View of Customer's Reservation Status.

  • Recipe, Variance & food costing.

  • Customer Loyalty Card

  • Strict control on Void.

  • Designed for Quick Implementation.

  • Facility to ask Forced Question on a particular item like "Sweet or Salt".

  • Keyboard Facility also available to transfer your cash register operator into this system.

  • Photo of each menu item can be tagged for easy identification in Restaurant Billing Software platform.

  • Facility to add modifiers like "Make to 1 by 2", "No Onion and Garlic" and "Less Spicy", etc.

  • Reorder Facility for Repeated Orders.

  • Move Single Item to another Table.

  • Merge Two or More Tables for Further Combined Orders or Billing Purpose.

  • Single Taken Order will automatically be distributed to respective multiple kitchens and bars.

  • Easily respond to unprinted KOT.

  • Sales return PurchaseReturn

  • Redirect all printing to the nearby working printer in case of failure of one printer.

  • Security enabled Void/Cancel the KOT or BOT.

  • Facility to Mark Void/Cancellation Reason for finding out the reason for such activity.

  • Manage stock of liquor.

  • Graphical Layout of Restaurant floor.

  • Multiple Analyses through reports.

  • Control over Raw Material supply and consumption.

  • Recipe management System for comparing with Sale and Consumption.

  • Physical Stock taking and a variety of available reports.

  • Easy menu changing facility.

  • Pre-defined customer discount and happy hour pricing.

  • Reduce labor cost by increasing employee productivity.

  • Improvement in Service to customers and vendors.

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Integrated POS

Rez mate is fully equipped POS software that supports billing process of restaurant, spa, clubs, salon, disco, lounge, coffee shop, gift shop, banquet, etc. It comes with a touch interface that is easy to use and requires minimal training to get it up and running. The fully configurable interface helps to streamline different processes. It supports all the leading billing printers and other POS hardware.


Simplified Menu Management

Minutes to prepare your menu and modifier With Rez mate, getting started with the menu is as easy as importing items from Excel. It automatically displays the items with photographs on a graphical interface. You can even define different colours and positions for each item. It supports changing the rates of multiple items in one step. It also supports creating a future menu by copying from an existing one. The future menu gets activated on a planned date automatically so that you do not have to remember.


Real-time Table Status

Rez mate simplifies the creation and management of multiple layouts of various sections of the restaurant as per the floor plans. It helps you to get the real-time picture of the occupancy status of the restaurant in one single screen with different legends. The software eases handling and managing guest requests for seating during the rush hours to provide ultimate guest satisfaction. Auto status and colour segmentation update helps to reserve the table for a future date and time for your esteemed guests.


Robust KOT printing mechanism

User-defined KOT Print Channel Communicating each time with the kitchen staff and the waiter is a tiresome job and creates hassles, results in divergence of focus from the guests. Rez mate has an innovative KOT printing mechanism that serves as a reliable communication channel between the wait staff and kitchen staff. It helps eliminating the errors related to food preparation requested by the guests. A single order can handle both food as well as beverages. Rez mate will automatically route the order to the specified kitchen, bar or other sections.


Print Manager

Handle the non-working printer without tech support The printer serves the restaurant team as an important communication tool. Rez mate comes with a print manager which helps you to redirect printing from a faulty or out-of-paper printer. Usually restaurants run on late hours when getting tech support is a bit of a challenge. The redirection interface is an easy-to-use touch interface. Once the problem is fixed, the redirection can be easily cancelled.

POS software

A Smart GST-ready inventory & accounting software that helps you keep a control on your store with smart billing, reporting and inventory management features.  Helps you never overstore or go out of stock. Barcode, Touch Screen, Smart purchase,  Discount & schemes & 1000's of other features helps you grow your profits & scale.


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