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Stone Crusher Management Software

  • Mobile Application
  • pos
  • Room booking
  • ERP

Quarry mate is a industry specific enterprise software solutions provider. We deliver end-to-end products, processes, and solutions for Quarry, Stone Crusher, Mining Management Software using the best practices in agile to ensure a great experience. At Quarry mate, our mission is to keep offering the best value to our customers whilst helping them achieve their goals. We envision an enterprise technology ecosystem that is embraced by every Quarry, Stone Crusher Business Owners and deliver them with the much needed agility and operational efficiency

Our Features


  • Material Rate

  • Modification Transaction - Sale, Purchase

  • Sale/ Logistic Invoice

  • Account Details

  • Data Correction utility

  • Mines

  • Material

  • Customers

  • Transporter

  • Locations

  • Loaders

  • Shifts

  • Vehicle Master

  • Comm. Port Setting

  • Tax Master

  • Company Setup

  • Crushers creation

  • Vehicle

  • Vehicle Owner

  • Customer/Party

  • Gitti Size

  • Unit

  • Bank

  • Users

  • Group Heads

  • Crusher purchase entry

  • Freight entry

  • Sales

  • Receipt & Payment

  • Voucher Entry.

  • Receipt

  • Customer List

  • Purchase Register

  • Freight Register

  • Party wise purchase register

  • Sales register

  • Profit Statement

  • Accounts Ledger

  • Day Book

  • Account Balance

  • Group Balance

  • Trial Balance

  • Profit & Loss

  • Manager User

  • Change Password

  • Database Backup

  • Database Restore


Weighbridge Software

It is designed to help you to manage and track all the weighment transactions in a controlled and secured manner
‣ Helps to avoid material theft & wrong weighments.
‣ Monitor weighment entries from remote in real-time
‣ Suspected weighment entries can be notified through SMS.


Crusher Management

Crusher module gives you 360 degree view from Boulder receipt to crushing to sales
‣ Quarry to Crusher Shipments
‣ Daily & Monthly Quarry/Crusher Production Performance
‣ Product/Day wise Cash & Credit Sales
‣ Customer wise Sales
‣ Product wise Consolidated Sales


Boom Barriers

Automatic boom barrier offers security at the exit and the entry points of industrial unit, offices, corporate houses, residential areas, parking lots, toll tax plazas etc. Automatic barrier can be used to successfully control pedestrian and vehicle traffic.