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While much lab equipment features both embedded and external PC software, there is an overriding need for independent software to help researchers and clinicians organize their efforts. Dedicated laboratory management software, often called a laboratory information management system (LIMS), provides streamlined control and organizational schemes for controlling equipment, sorting and counting samples, managing and maintaining animal colonies, or any project complex enough to require constant computer control. Digital lab management software systems work on Mac, Windows, and/or Linux. Because the laboratory is a shifting and fluid environment, the best lab management software or lab info management system will be one that is flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs.

Our Features



Fully Custom Report

From Order Request till Result Notification, entire lifecycle is handled in this lab software..


Barcode Scanning

A single click lab solution software to generate Bar Codes, compatible with Barcode Printer.


Quality Control

Adhere to the norms of Accreditation Boards and remain an authorized laboratory with the help of MocDoc Laboratory software. Maintain high-quality standards and accuracy in results.


Machine Interfacing

The only bounden duty to the lab technician is to manually place the Sample and set it on. Upon completion of sampling process, the results are automatically fetched on LIMS server without any instructions or prompting.


Franchise Management

Remote Control to Manage Franchise Labs ! This is your hassle-free solution to monitor and manage your Franchise labs and systematize their functioning regardless of their geographic presence.


Bar code

Mobile Printer