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Masjid Management System that is all in one solution that let's you manage the donations,memberships and other functions of a Masjid automatically. This gives you enough time to spend in the community. As a result, Masjid Management System has been created as a solution to operate Masjid and Islamic organizations in an efficient way. This brings your operating time from months to minutes. Double the donations, reach out better to the community using Masjid Management System.


  • House Registration

  • Member Registration

  • Institution Registration

  • JOB/education Registration

  • Birth Registration

  • Marriage Registration

  • Divorce Registration

  • Death Registration

  • Qabar Registration

  • House Search

  • Member Search

  • Blood Search

  • JOB/education search

  • Subscription

  • Payment Voucher

  • Receipt Voucher

  • Account Statement

  • Balance Report

  • Subscription Report

  • Mahal Activities

  • Event & Programs Management