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Attendance capture is the most important administrative activity in an organization where there is a direct correlation between attendance and salary/wages. Attendance management program is part of a strategic human resources management, is a concept concerning management and administration of an employee's obligation to maintain a reliable and regular presence at work. The goal of attendance management is the creation of a working environment that motivates employees to maintain regular attendance.
HR Mate is a powerful attendance management tool that automates the time tracking process. This helps to decrease administrative & accounting costs and thus increases the productivity. This easy to understand system, monitors staff attendance and saves manual labor in maintaining muster records. It also quickens admin information presentation to the management and helps save time and cost while enabling the managers to target resources more effectively. This tool ensures an accurate and automatic capture of data from biometric devices and transfer to a payroll system.
HR Mate maintains the details of each employee in an organization, classified in to different division/departments. Administrator can manage different shifts and employees can be assigned to the respective shifts time to time. Based on the shift start & end time, employee's late & early leaving time will be automatically calculated. Administrator can easily know the total working time and total leisure time taken by each employee, leave management option helps to track the leaves taken classified into Casual leave, Privilege leave. When the leave exceeds the allowed limit, it will be automatically added to the loss of pay. Administrator can also easily track the absent and official tours conducted by the employee.




  • Department Master

  • Designation Master

  • Employee Master

  • Payment Master

  • Employee Grouping

  • Shift Master

  • Employee Shift Allocation

  • Machine Master

  • Machine Data Copy

  • User Master


  • Attendance Process

  • Leave Register

  • Tour Entry

  • Holiday Entry.

  • Advance Entry

  • Salary Process

  • Salary Modify


  • Master Reports

  • Presenteesm

  • Absent Register

  • Late Register

  • Early Register

  • Leave Register

  • Tour Register

  • Muster Roll

  • Monthly Attendance

  • Attendance Summary

  • In-Out Details

  • Working Time Report

  • Leisure Time Report

  • Time Loss Report

  • Salary Register

  • Salary Slip

  • Advance Report

  • Loan Report

  • PF Statement

  • ESI Statement

Time & Attendance Management Software

HR MATE is a powerful web-based time attendance software which offers the most innovative features a time attendance software can offer. It provides a stable communication for devices through LAN/WAN/Wi-Fi/GPRS/3G. Users can access to the software anywhere by their web browser to remotely manage thousands of T&A terminals under complex network (WLAN).