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Campus Management System

  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll
  • Alumni

TA comprehensive set of features that allows your teachers to spend more time on student progress and teaching, allows parents to be more involved in their child's education, ensures improved resource availability for your students, enables your administrative staff to work smarter, and makes it easier for decision makers to find solutions to problems faster. Simply put, one dashboard with everything you need to manage your institute.

Our Features


  • Multi-Campus Management

  • Unlimited classes, subjects & batches

  • Role-based Dashboards & Access Control

  • Pre-Admission & Admission Management

  • Secure Student Information Storage

  • Detailed Student File with Custom Remarks

  • Income & Expense Reporting

  • Live Collection Dashboard

  • Fine Tune Student Fee Management

  • Auto-timetable Generation

  • Examination Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Assignment & Grading Management

  • Recruitment & Placement Management

  • Alumni Management

  • Online Payment Enablement

  • Notification & SMS Fee Alerts

  • Live Fee Defaulters List

  • Library Management

  • Hostel Management

  • Multi-Store Inventory Management

  • Report Card & Certificate Generation

  • Auto Generation of Receipts & Salary Slips

  • Manage Refunds & Demand Slips


Multi-school Management

Whether you need to manage one institute or a hundred, campus allows you to monitor & manage your institutes from a single dashboard with absolute ease. Set up granular controls and use extensive reporting features to get instant insights on performance.


Role-Based Access

Campus not only offers key user-roles – Administrator, Staff, Teachers, Parents & Students – but also allows you to further define data & service access for highly granular user access contorls that help you ensure higher accountability and restrict access to sensitive content.


Classroom Management

A rich and flexible toolset enables both teachers and administrative staff to manage even thousands of students in hundreds of batches, courses, classes across multiple institutes with absolute ease.


Examination Management

Streamline your examination and student assessment process – Create multiple subject-wise exams and assignments, define weightage of each towards final assessment and even include weightage from extra-curricular activities, and campus ensures that student grades are always and automatically updated.


Library Management

Make your library operations more efficient. Rapid book issue and return speed up & simplify the process. Bulk upload books, setup book categories, and easily locate books & their status. Generate instant reports to keep a track of all books, issued, in-stock or disposed. Automatically issue fine for book holders past due date. Simplify eBook management & delivery with custom access rules via student portal.


Hostel Management

Manage your hostel and campus residences efficiently. Centrally manage & allocate rooms across multiple residential facilities, assign staff and warden, manage hostel fee collection and generate instant occupancy reports for hostels.


Transport & Fleet Management

Tackle the challenges of transport & fleet management with ease. Build your routes, define stops, and create fares for each stop. Upon adding pick-up stop for a student the appropriate fare is added to their fee automatically. Easily manage your fleet of vehicles by assigning drivers and vehicles to each routes.